Germany’s first Schulz hotel is located at Berlin’s new, hip quarter at the East Side Gallery. This latest coup by the Meininger Hotel founders will offer travelers not just a hotel but a home.  Past and future collide at the longest remaining section of the old Berlin Wall to engender something great:  350 individual guestrooms, an exciting food concept and a large beer garden. Young and old, locals and travelers from all over the world come together here.

Schulz thus is not your usual hotel.  And that’s why we are looking for people who "tick" a bit differently – you!

Our values

What we offer

  • Headscarf, highly-talented, immigrant - or failing in mathematics? We’re interested in the individual behind your CV.
  • Become a volunteer – spent 5% of your paid working hours to work in a local social project!
  • At Schulz we foster a strong, self-sustaining, non-hierarchical community. The emphasis is on personality rather than ego. And, as an enterprise, we see ourselves as a part of Berlin.
Apartments (if available)
Teamevents - sport and activities
Free German language class

Your place with Schulz as a...

More we, less me